Sky Candy Landing Lights (7/8″)


Military grade CREE LED technology. Each LED produces over 1800 lumens of incredibly bright, sunlight visible light. A great look for any aircraft, wether you are on final approach or a high speed fly by. You can not miss seeing these lights in the sunny skies.  Sold in pairs

Technical Specification:
Rated Voltage: DC 4v to 6v
7/8 inch diameter Рfits most any leading edge
Recommend 6v Ni-MH battery

WARNING!! Do NOT use over 6 volts

Over voltage will damage the LEDs (we will not be responsible for damage caused by overpowering)

We recommend that you use a voltage regulator to ensure that you keep the voltage under or at 6v max

Note: Fresh charged 6v battery can peak over 7 volts and can damage the LED

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